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"I am a girl"
"I like your Dragon Tatoos"
"I was falling in love"

Hello Natalia,
I am a girl that loves sexy bodies and i want to tell you that i think you are very hot .if you are ever in minnesota and want some fun time email me at xxx@xxx I think you are very sexy .I hope hearing that from a wpoman is ok with you i am a lesbian and I have dreampt many times of being with you .I am not a stalker hun just a oversexed les that loves a beautiful Girl when i see one write me Kisses Sandy

Sandy from USA!

Hi Natalia,
I seen the first pic of you on a Cover of a Tatoo Magazin and i have to say Amazing :) I like your Dragon Tatoo it looks realy nice :) After Ihave seen this Pic I look ed around in Google and find your Homepage. Nice pics *emberassed* ;) but i have to say you have on of the beautiful
Smile and Eyes what i have ever sean ;)
Take care and good luck with your site;)Sincerely, your
Sandro, sorry for my arfull English but i try my best :D

Jason from Germany.
Hi there Natalia,
When I first saw a picture of you I thought I was falling in love. Not only do you have an awesome body for which I am sure you will get a lot of compliments on a daily basis, but your whole Latin appearance just knocks me of my feet. I hope you enjoy it will keep making your fans happy in the future. It would be nice to know a bit more about you other than that you are incredibly sexy and drop-dead gorgeous. All the best to you.

Klass Canada
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